How to Get the Loaded Question Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

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With Season of the Forge right around the corner, Bungie has unveiled three new guns that are designed to be the top of their class in Desinty 2. Called 'Pinnacle Weapons,' these firearms will be rewarded for those who put in the time and effort in general PvE, Gambit, and the Crucible. All three will be available, but the Loaded Question is the Fusion Rifle we suspect will be the most common among the community.

Acquired by completing various activities in Strikes and Nightfalls, Loaded Question is a High Impact Fusion Rifle that sports the Arc element. The unique perk on this Legendary gun is called Reservoir Burst. When the battery is full the next burst you fire from the gun will cause enemies to explode upon death and this burst does extra damage.

However, this firearm isn't easily acquired and it will take a fair amount of grinding if you want to rock it. The quest itself is given by Zavala, so make sure to visit him when the new season starts.

Here's a breakdown of how to unlock the Loaded Question in Destiny 2:

(Remember all of these steps can be finished simultaneously.)

  1. 1) 500 Fusion Rifle Kills in Strikes or Nightfalls

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  3. For this step of the quest, you will need to kill 500 enemies with a Fusion Rifle in any Strike or Nightfall. This is fairly simple and requires very little skill on your end. Since you can complete all of the objectives at the same time, we recommend using an Arc Fusion rifle if you own one.

Consider using the Main Ingredient, Conjecture TSc, The Wizened Rebuke, or Nox Echo III for this challenge. All of them will Arc, so kills with these weapons will also help you finish another step of this quest. If you are having trouble landing kills, then pick up the Telesto and go for groups of enemies.

2) 1,000 Arc Kills in Strikes or Nightfalls

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The next requirement tasks you will killing 1,000 enemies with Arc damage in either Nightfalls of Strikes. Again, this is pretty straightforward, but if you want it to go faster make sure to optimize your build. Go for Exotics and Supers that can kill multiple enemies, instead of just causing burst damage to a boss.

Don't use the Code of the Missle or Chaos Reach skill trees since these will typically not get as many kills. Remember to also use Exotics that enhance your Arc capabilities like Raiden Flux or An Insurmountable Skullfort. If you finished your Fusion Rifle challenge, try switching to the Hard Light or Riskrunner. Both deal a good amount of Arc damage and are quite good at taking down groups of foes.

For Exotic Power Weapons, the Thunderlord is the go-to choice. While The Wardcliff Coil can quickly deal a lot of damage, the Thunderlord's ability to chain lightning kills is invaluable. This quest doesn't require a ton of effort on your part, just make sure you're being conscious of what you're using.

3) 40 Strike or Nightfall Completions

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Your third and final part is another easy step. For this quest, you will need to finish 40 Strikes or Nightfalls. If you are just casually playing, this will take a bit of time, but you should still get it. However, if you really want to complete this step as fast as possible then select the Nightfall and bring two friends.

Putting on the Solar Singe and Heavyweight modifier pretty much guarantees that you'll melt through any boss using the Sleeper Simulant or Whisper of the Worm. Some Nightfalls can be completed very quickly, especially with an experienced team at the max light. Here are the Nightfalls we recommend you grind:

  • The Arms Dealer
  • The Inverted Spire
  • Tree of Probabilities
  • Will of the Thousands

Do not try to speed run Strange Terrain, Exodus Crash, or The Hallowed Lair. All of these bosses have multiple invincibility phases and the fights can just drag on. Unless you are going for Nightfall specific loot, there is no reason to spend time doing this Nightfalls. Again, this method isn't necessary, but it's the fastest way assuming one of the Strikes above is available on the Nightfall playlist.

After you finish all of these steps, go see Zavala and he will reward you with the Loaded Question Fusion Rifle!

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