Crackdown 3: Release Date, Trailers, Story & More

Crackdown 3: Release Date, Trailers, Story & More, The long in development Crackdown 3 will finally grace the Xbox One in 2019. Here's an overview of Sumo Digital's destructive 3rd-person shooter.

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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

The road to Crackdown 3's final release date has been a lengthy one.

First revealed at Microsoft's E3 2014 press conference, the publisher's upcoming 1st-party IP was originally set to release on the Xbox One in 2016. A number of factors, including game development engine changes and the influence of several game studious working on the game, pushed Crackdown 3's release date back on multiple occasions. Now that Sumo Digital has taken over principal development duties for the upcoming open-world shooter, Crackdown 3 is on schedule to arrive in 2019. Fans will finally get a chance to bring justice to New Providence by bringing down its powerful criminal empire.

Before you activate your super jumps, blast buildings apart, and nab stat-boosting orbs, check out this overview of Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 Release Date

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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

Crackdown 3 is finally scheduled to launch on February 15, 2019.

Crackdown 3 Reveal Trailer


Setting, Story, & Characters

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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

Crackdown 3 takes place 10 years after the events of Crackdown 2. The game's main locale ('New Providence') is described as an 'island paradise' that's ruled with an iron fist by a group of the world's most infamous criminals. Those criminals have been categorized as 'corporate psychopaths, gangsters, and butchers.' All of these illegal entities have banded together under the mega-corporation umbrella of TerraNova Worldwide.

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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

After a mysterious terrorist attack wipes out power around the globe, The Agency bands back together to discover the source of it. Eventually, they figure out that the attack's origins traces back to New Providence and TerraNova Worldwide. The Agency launches an attack on the evil organization, but their plan ultimately fails. A collection of new super-powered agents controlled by players enters the fray as a last resort. Under the leadership of the Agency's 'Voice' (Michael McConnohie) and Commander Jaxon (Terry Crews), you'll fight to take down TerraNova Worldwide with the most destructible means possible.

Single-Player/Co-Op Campaign

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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

Like the previous two entries in the series, Crackdown 3 throws player-controlled Agents into a world full of unbridled destruction, ruthless criminals, and an assortment of firearms. You can choose to navigate the game's massive open-world on your own or alongside a human-controlled Agent. Players will dish out their own brand of 'justice' by using all types of firearms, vehicles, and their own super-powered abilities.

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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

The game's 'Skills for Kills' mechanic awards players with Orbs for pulling off creative kills and finding hidden collectibles throughout the city. Those hidden collectibles are primarily Orbs, which goes towards upgrading the player's custom character's varied toolset. Those abilities are as follows – Agility, Firearms, Strength, Explosives, and Driving. Players' Agents are capable of pulling off superhuman leaps, landing vicious melee strikes, and smashing the ground to wipe out enemies in one fell swoop. Each Agent even comes with their own speciality skills (for example, getting access to a experience gained boost for Jaxon's Strength and Explosives abilities).

The game's biggest mechanic ('Gangs Bite Back') plays a huge role in how you'll take down the many criminals that exist within New Providence. By taking down the physical elements that represent certain bosses and Kingpins, you'll eventually draw their attention. These standout gangsters will then choose to send in their goons to eliminate you. Once you beat back enough of a boss' or Kingpin's personal army, they'll then make the decision to confront you themselves.


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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

Crackdown 3 will utilize its engine to allow players to bring on unbridled destruction. While it won't play much of a huge role within the single-player campaign, it will take center stage in the game's competitive multiplayer feature. This feature has been labeled 'Wrecking Zone,' a five vs. five battle that puts all 10 players onto a fully destructible environment.

Crackdown 3's impressive destruction technology is powered by Microsoft's Azure Cloud and Xbox Live services. You'll have the power to crush the rival team's Agents with those crumbling buildings within two announced modes (Territory and Agent Hunter). The maps that have been announced for Wrecking Mode so far includes Blackout Zone and Nova Station.













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Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios

Crackdown 3 is currently up for pre-order in a basic Standard Edition (sold here). No pre-order bonuses have been announced for this edition of the game as of yet. Like the rest of Xbox One's 1st-party game releases, Crackdown 3 can be accessed on launch day via an Xbox Game Pass subscription (sold here).

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