5 Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

5 Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game Tips & Tricks You Need to Know, SNK's famed side-scrolling shooter has marched its way onto mobile devices! Here's a tips guide for Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game.



SNK's Metal Slug series gained fame as one of the best 2D run 'n gunners in all of gaming.

The franchise's famed mercenaries regularly battle it out with everything from regular old enemy soldiers to floating UFO's with ray guns. Besides running on foot with a powerful machine gun, Metal Slug's characters get to wreak havoc in an assortment of military vehicles. Now that the series has gone mobile, you'll get to manage and upgrade your own personal Metal Slug army as they handle their foes automatically. There's a lot of things to do in order to push your mini soldiers to higher levels – you'll need our advice if you're looking to properly manage things as a mobile general.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game:

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1. Actively Assist Your Troops and Slugs, Especially During the Game's Tougher Stages

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• For such an action-packed, explosive run n' gun shooter, Metal Slug still manages to retain its best elements as a mobile idle game. When your troops start out at weaker levels, you'll want to aid their stage progression as much as possible by being an active Commander. As you earn coins, highlight one of your troops and hold your finger on them to upgrade them as much as possible until you run out of coins or reach an upgrade level that's simply out of your gold tax bracket. Once that happens, move on to the next troop that's available for an upgrade. Level up your troops evenly and you'll quickly amass an unstoppable army! As you unlock new troop types, assemble an army that covers each elemental unit type so you can head into each battle with a varied setup.

• Keep an eye out for P.O.W.'s with the 'Help' icon over their heads – tap on them to earn some extra gold. You should also pay attention to the onscreen action once the 'Touch' notification message pops up – this means you now have an opportunity to do more damage to your foes by sending an exploding Slug vehicle right at them! Sacrifices must be made in order to attain victory, right? When the going gets a bit too tough on a stage (or when you encounter a boss), be sure to utilize your 'Active Skills' to really dish out some big damage! Keep all these tips in mind as you push your army to even tougher levels and enemies.

2. Climb the 100 Stage Ladder at First, Then Go Higher and Higher During Your Next Playthrough's

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• As a commander, you'll have to handle a bunch of tasks in the background while your mobile army battles on. During your first real playthrough (which happens after you get past the tutorial stage), make sure they reach or go past level 100. Once that task is accomplished, you'll get the chance to reset their progress and earn a whole bunch of medals that can be used to purchase and improve permanent upgrades. During your next set of playthroughs, try to push your army to an even higher level that's in the 100's. So for example, your army should make it past level 200 on your second playthrough. And on your third playthrough, they should get past level 300.

• This process helps increase your Commander level and allows you to earn more benefits from resetting your progress every time you do it. Upgrade your 'Type Mastery' boosts and be sure to spend a whole lot of gems on the 'Forward Base' upgrade within the 'Commander Info' menu. Once you reach the appropriate Commander level, you can improve this boost and help your army reset back to a level other than the very first one depending on the level of your soldiers. Put some gems towards your other 'Base' upgrades as well, especially the 'Upgrade Transportation Corps' boost. This upgrade speeds up your army's progression while you're away from the game – logging back in to see that your army has reached an even higher level always feels amazing!

3. Unlock Some Slugs to Aid You In Further in Battle and Warp to Further Levels

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• In order to acquire Slug vehicles, you'll need to head to the 'Excavation Site' and earn them with the tickets that allow you to perform some excavating. Slug's are extremely powerful battle vehicles that every member of your army should be backed up by. Leveling up these vehicles entails using the tickets that let you play through 'Slug Camp' levels – completing them earns you the upgrade materials needed to improve your assorted Slug lineup.

• Slugs are also a great army add-on since they have the ability to warp your troops to higher levels. This ability especially comes in handy once you pull off a progress reset – you can instantly transport yourself to a higher level after you start a rest by selecting a Slug and commanding it to warp you to another level. Be sure to upgrade your Slugs so you earn the chance to warp to even higher levels over time.

4. Grab All Sorts of Goodies Through the Game's Abundance of Extra Modes

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Metal Slug Infinity throws a whole bunch of activities your way – there's PvP skirmishes to participate in, dungeons to complete in order to increase your troops' star levels, and an in-game store full of buffs you can purchase. Be sure to throw yourself into all of these tasks in order to earn the items you need to further your progress. The game also lets you further increase your stats via 'War Books' – every time you log in, purchase some new War Books and complete 'Boot Camp' missions in order to earn extra War Books upgrade material. War Books give your troops an extra assist that gets 'em out of trouble in a pinch.

• If you're not looking to use any actual money to purchase items from the in-game store, just make use of the 'Soldier Slug' and 'Buff' purchase selection. Most of the boosts featured in these shop areas can be earned with gems. You can also pick up a free gift from the Soldier Slug option and watch a video ad to earn extra gold on a daily basis. Take advantage of everything this idle game presents to you!

5. Be Sure to Complete Your Missions and Achievements!

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• You can pick up extra gold, gems, and all sorts of other beneficial goods just by completing the game's lengthy list of Missions and Achievements. Be sure to complete all your Daily missions before you log off.

• As for the other two Mission types ('Soldier Boost 1' and 'Slug Boost 1'), these can be completed as you reach new Commander levels. Achievements come in the form of 'Normal' and 'Battle' tasks – these are pretty easy to complete. Spend enough hours playing this game on a daily basis and you'll easily fulfill each achievement and boost their levels so you can complete them again for even better rewards!

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