10 Best Dog Raincoats: The Ultimate List (2019)

10 Best Dog Raincoats: The Ultimate List (2019), If you're sick of wet dog smell but you still want to get walks in during the rainy season, pick out the best dog raincoat for your pup.

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The approach of autumn means the weather is starting to turn. Especially in my area of the country — the Pacific Northwest — that means rain. While it takes a special kind of person to actually enjoy being out in those cold fall showers, dog owners don't get much of a choice either way. Rain or not, the dog needs to be walked.

Unfortunately, that particular wet dog smell isn't exactly the highlight of dog ownership. It's an unpleasant side effect, to be sure. While you could blow dry or towel off your pup each time you take them for a walk on a rainy day, there are, of course, alternatives.

You could, for example, bring an umbrella large enough to cover the two of you. But this is imperfect, especially when your dog needs space to do their business. Just because your shoes might already be wet doesn't mean you want your dog peeing on them just so you can shelter them from the rain. This is also pretty inconvenient for diehard runners who bring their dogs on the morning route.

The best solution for rainy dog walks is a dog raincoat. These are form-fitting, purpose-built coats that keep the water off of pupper's fur. For dogs like my own that hate getting wet, once they've adjusted to the raincoat and realize that it keeps them dry, it makes the whole transaction much easier. If it's going to rain for months on end, a dog raincoat is a relatively cheap investment for keeping everyone happy.

If you're sick of wet dog smell but you still want to get walks in during the rainy season, pick out the best dog raincoat for your pup.

1. Ruffwear Aira Rain Jacket

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Ruffwear makes tough and practical dog apparel including this Aria rain jacket, which was developed by the company based on feedback from their customers in the rainy U.K. Available in six sizes, this will provide good coverage to just about any dog. The mesh lining makes it comfortable and breathable. There's an oversized collar to protect the dog's head which can be optionally deployed.

On the back, there's a flap that connects to a harness, like their Front Range model we discussed here. For colors, you can choose between Red Rock and Twilight Gray.

Price: $79.95

Buy the Ruffwear Aira Rain Jacket here.

2. Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat for Dogs

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(Hurtta Pet)

The key advantage of this raincoat is the availability of a wider range of tailored sizes. Depending on the color you choose — of which you have options for Cherry, Orange, and Raven — you can get a raincoat sized for a dog with a girth between eight and 35 inches with 13 options in between. If you've tried other jackets and the fit wasn't quite right, this might be the option for you. Otherwise, it's a full coverage raincoat with 3M reflectors built into the design.

They also have a slightly cheaper model that isn't quite as extreme.

Price: $80

Buy the Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat for Dogs here.

3. DJANGO City Slicker Rain Jacket & Windbreaker

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Founded based on the love for a certain long-haired dachshund named Django (check him out on Instagram), the DJANGO brand makes outerwear for dogs that are as adventurous as they are small. The City Slicker dog raincoat is made of 100 percent high-grade nylon and is fully waterproof. The inside is lined with sport mesh cotton, which is both soft and durable, while the edges are trimmed in reflective material.

In addition to adjustable neck and check closures, there are elastic leg bands and a no-leak leash portal for attaching your favorite leash (ideas for that what might be over here). To finish it off, the rain jacket is machine washable. These are aimed at smaller breeds, running from X-Small for toy breeds and yorkies, to Small for min pins and shih tzus, and finally Medium for bulldogs, pugs, and beagles.

Choose from three colors: Cherry Red, Topaz Blue, and Cerise Pink. You can read about the founding couple and their travels with Django here.

Price: $39.95 to 45.95 (depending on size)

Buy the DJANGO City Slicker Rain Jacket & Windbreaker here.

4. Ondoing Dog Raincoat

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If you want something thinner yet warmer, consider this inexpensive option. Lined with fleece, this raincoat will keep your dog warm during the rainy walk as much as it keeps them dry. It features similar reflective treatments to the one above for improved safety. The sizing on this one is a little more limited and aimed at medium to large dogs, for the most part. Colors include blue, orange, pink, purple, and yellow. Possibly a good first raincoat to see how your dog likes wearing one, since the price is relatively low.

Price: $17.99 (55 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Ondoing Dog Raincoat here.

5. RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

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(RC Pet Products)

The appeal of this ultra-cheap option is two-fold. First, it comes in adorable patterns to liven up the gray days. In addition to this rubber duckie version, there's a nautical theme, paw prints, and lively solid colors, too.

The more practical benefit is that these taffeta-shelled jackets fold up into convenient carrying pouches so you can throw them in a bag or in the car so you're covered in the event of a surprise rainstorm. The coverage and performance isn't the same as the higher-priced models, but they're cute and convenient and should get the job done for most rainy conditions.

Price: $12

Buy the RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho here.

6. Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat

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You may already be familiar with Thundershirt from their eponymous line of dog anxiety jackets, which we featured in our dog anxiety products post. This raincoat is their water-repellent version of the jacket, which includes a Velcro stomach wrap, a hood, and a leash slot.

Because Thundershirts are measured fairly precisely, you'll want to watch this video to help you decide what size to buy for your dog. If you already trust this brand, this could be a great option.

Price: $14.95

Buy the Thundershirt Outerwear Raincoat here.

7. Guardian Gear Pet Rain Pet Jacket

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This jacket is a little more akin to those standard vinyl human raincoats we're all familiar with. The extra bright color is great for visibility, and you can also get a yellow version. The leg straps are elastic ensuring that it will resize to most dogs and stay put during the walk. There's also a hood for better head protection, which is great for long-haired dogs.

Price: $17.61

Buy the Guardian Gear Pet Rain Pet Jacket here.

8. ThinkPet Outdoor Waterproof Reflective Dog Winter Jacket

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With the thick fleece lining, this rain coat is aimed at keeping your dog warm during the cold months. Again, reflective piping is present on the back for enhanced visibility, while the shell itself is fully waterproof. The elastic cord mechanism means that it will adjust to many dog shapes, aided by the availability of seven different sizes from extra small to XXXL. (The manufacturer suggests going up a size if you find that your dog falls on the cusp according to their sizing chart.)

Even with the fleece lining, this is relatively light compared to jackets of a similar style. Rather than a hood that your dog might hate, this jacket features a high collar and generally better coverage than some of the other options. Depending on the size you choose, there are six colors to choose from: black, blue, yellow, red, pink, or orange.

Price: $14.94 to $22.94

Buy the ThinkPet Outdoor Waterproof Reflective Dog Winter Jacket for Dogs here.

9. Kurgo North Country Waterproof Dog Coat

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Another option aimed at keeping your dog warm, this Kurgo dog raincoat is made from 1,200 denier, machine washable material for enhanced durability. The opening for leash access is zippered, which means that having it open is optional for those off-leash trail runs. In addition to the standard reflective piping, they've fitted an LED light strip for even greater visibility and increased safety.

Though there are only two colors — red and black — you still get a full complement of five sizes to tailor to your dog. Kurgo offers a hassle-free lifetime warranty in case anything should go wrong with it.

Price: $28.44 to $44.99

Buy the Kurgo North Country Waterproof Dog Coat here.

10. Fab Dog Cherry Pocket Travel Dog Raincoat

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(Fab Dog)

This is another fashionable option in the adventure dog arena. The hood is adjustable, which is handy for dogs like mine who have enormous domes. This one also folds up into a convenient carrying case, which makes travel and storage easy. Sizes range from extra small to extra-extra large. The wide variety of colors include blue, green, hot pink, navy, orange, pink, red, and yellow. Plenty of options to suit your rain-going pup.

Price: $27.99

Buy the Fab Dog Cherry Pocket Travel Dog Raincoat here.

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